The Biggest Myth About Cellulite

The biggest myth about cellulite is that having it means you are overweight. You can be at an ideal weight, or even be underweight and still have cellulite. It is a normal condition in women after puberty, but is a warning sign of a health problem in men. This is when your skin under your buttocks or on your upper thighs and abdomen get dimples, making your skin resemble flesh-colored cottage cheese. It’s also called “orange peel skin”, “mattress syndrome” or “hail damage”.

What About In Men?

Cellulite is often a sign of another, more serious health problem in men. It is thought that the hormone producing has gone wrong, which makes not only the unsightly skin condition, but other problems. Cellulite in men should be checked out by a doctor. It can be a sign of Klienfelter’s syndrome (which often makes you sterile), male hypogonadism (where the testes do not function), or a problem with the estrogen given to some men to help their prostate cancer.

What About In Women?

The presence of estrogen seems to be one of the stimulating factors for the body to make cellulite. However, this is only a theory. To medical science, the reason why we get this skin condition is still mostly a mystery. Since the presence of it is harmless in women – and is usually seen in almost all women after their first period – it is reasonable to assume estrogen has to play some major role.

Cellulite is merely one of those weird things that happens to the body we don’t particularly like, akin to wrinkles, liver spots and acne. But it just stays cellulite – it doesn’t mutate into anything dangerous. Choosing to get rid of it is a cosmetic procedure and usually never covered by health insurance.

Some women who have to display their bodies professionally may have a great reason to get rid of anything that makes their bodies less than perfect. Fat or any unsightly blemish can hurt their careers as dancers, models, actresses, singers or whatever. Sadly, maintaining your looks is a vital part of those jobs. But for the average woman, cellulite removal is not necessary and won’t make you feel any better about yourself.

Because some of the most photographed and famous women in the world have to undergo cellulite removal in order to do their jobs, some people get the wrong idea that cellulite is abnormal. Actually, NOT having it is abnormal. Don’t make it’s removal a priority if you don’t have to.

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