Anti Cellulite Cream – is it Effective?

If you want to reduce the cottage cheese appearance on your thighs as well as your buttocks you might want to consider trying some anti cellulite creams that have been touted by some to be quite effective. Some people strongly suggest using a cellulite cream that contains caffeine and massaging the cream into the problem areas. Supposedly the massage with anti cellulite cream reduces the cottage cheese appearance by increasing circulation in the massaged areas which breaks up your fat deposits and releases the unwanted fluid.


Some of the popular anti cellulite creams contain peptides which have the ability to add some plumpness to your skin due to increasing collagen production in the cellulite areas. Users of cellulite creams claim the cottage cheese appearance of cellulite won’t be as noticeable if you firm up your skin.

Various Products

Clarion’s Total Body Lift is popular in France and is provided with massaging instructions that are easy to follow and is sold in a gel. Biotherm Celli-Choc contains chocolate which they claim increases the release of a body substance known as beta endorphins that has been claimed to increase the rate of metabolizing fat. LancĂ´me Body Sculptesse contains ginkgo as well as caffeine which might increase your circulation. The product also includes a substance known as Par-Elastyl which supposedly makes the skin firmer by not allowing the breaking down of collagen to occur.

Body Performance Anti-cellulite Visible Contouring Serum by Estee Lauder dos not have to be massaged into the skin to be effective. It contains forskolin which is supposed to be more effective than caffeine. The product also utilizes peptides in order to increase the production of collagen which reduces the indentations caused by cellulite. Some anti cellulite creams contain substances such as red clover, cayenne pepper, West African Kenkeliba tree substances and other unusual items.

Some of the manufactures of anti cellulite creams claim their products work by helping you to loose unwanted weight due to decreasing your desire for food. Some manufacturers claim their products work by decreasing the quantity of water that is located under the skin. One product supposedly has the ability to stimulate your body to release fat cells for the creation of energy.

There are women that use anti cellulite creams who claim the products actually work and they see a noticeable reduction in cellulite. However, many medical experts believe that the creams are not effective and cardiovascular exercise along with strength training and having a healthy diet is the best way for reducing cellulite.

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