Do The Anti Cellulite Creams Really Work For Everyone?

Cellulite is a very dreaded form of fat usually encountered on the thighs, buttocks and upper arms of women. Men very rarely, if at all, suffer from cellulite for reasons that are not yet very clear. There are many creams in the market that promise that they provide the best possible anti cellulite therapy. However, this is not always true.

Do all the anti cellulite creams deliver? Yes and no. It all depends upon you and upon what type of anti cellulite method you adopt. In order to experience the best possible results from an anti cellulite cream or therapy, this has to be applied on the areas where the cellulite has just recently been formed, i.e. within a month or maximum two form when you first saw the signs of the orange peel skin.

How Does Cellulite Get Formed?

Though cellulite is a form of fat, this is not the same as the one you see all over your body. The cellulite is a peculiar type of fat that happens in four distinct stages: (1) blood circulation gets deteriorated and this is in turn results in heavy tissue damages all over the body; (2) the dermis is affected and the skin looks a little loose and lifeless; (3) collagen and elastin that is found in the dermis breaks down; and (4) the fat cells find their way through the almost paralyzed dermis to give birth to cellulite.

Now, since you have understood how the cellulite gets formed, it would be easier for you to understand why the application of the anti cellulite cream in the first stages works the best. At that time the skin has more power of recovery than later when the dermis collapses altogether and becomes too weak to repair.

The Good News

The good news is that the anti cellulite creams work excellent even when the damage to the skin is old; however, this would take a lot of time and would require a lot of commitment for your part. You also need to ensure that the creams you use have the highest concentration of active ingredients, such as retinol A, caffeine, hydroxyl acids, and so on.

Be warned that these treatments cost a lot of money; at the same time there is no total guarantee for success at any given time. You could try and prevent it which is much more effective a measure against cellulite than seeking a permanent cure for it. Prevention is always the best way out – tough in this case it would seem to be as difficult as the cure itself, if not more.

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